Where`s you pencil? My pencil is not here. Yeah, but where it is? I don`t know. Okay, and what`s your name? Yes. Aha…. No, Yes. Aha! No, no, no, my name`s Yes. Hello, Yes. No. No? I`m not. Are you not? No, I`m Yes, I was kiddin` you. Yes you are. Yes I am. No, I think not. I think, yes. And where´s your pencil? My pencil is in the bathroom and my father is in the floor… Is your father in the flour? No, he`s on the floor. Is he on the floor? Yes. Yes? Yes? No, I was saying yes, not your fuckin` name. My name is yes. Ahá, I know. No, yes. I understand… so, is your father dead? He`s not. Is not dead? He`s dead, but his name`s not. Jesus! No, he`s name is not Jesus, he`s not. Where`s he lying??? In the floor, you asshole. Yeah, but in what floor? He`s in the train`s floor! You mean…. No, I yes. Me Tarzan. Aha. Where`s the train?? I don`t know, where´s the dick of moby dick? In the dickness. Okay, the train is in the dickness, so. And where`s the dickness? In the darkness. And were`s the darkness? The darkness is….. Yes? Yes. No, I mean: where? In the… night.

Jesus. Is the…




Of the niiiiiiight